Sports Tours to the United Kingdom

Touring the UK gives your team exposure to the heritage, history and tradition of one of the world’s most influential countries. As the founding nation of many modern day sports, the opportunity to see where they originated from, play on the oldest grounds, and use the oldest clubhouses, all whilst playing against opposition teams that were founded over one hundred years ago, is an unrivalled one. Eton College for example, a school we arrange fixtures with, was founded in 1440. The benefits are numerous and include…

  • Discover the birth place of many modern sports
  • Fantastic range of downtime activities including educational/iconic historical attractions
  • A safe destination
  • A huge choice of quality opposition and venues
  • High quality hotels and airlines
  • A true tour experience with matches across the country
  • The possibility of combining with visits to other European cities

As a country with a small landmass, the UK is an ideal location to experience a true school sports tour where opposition can be arranged across the length and breadth of the country, without excessively long transfer times. This ties into the chance to see some of the world’s most iconic sights and cities, such as Stonehenge and Westminster’s Houses of Parliament, London. Many of the most iconic attractions, such as the world class museums and galleries, are all publicly funded, helping to keep the cost of your tour affordable, without sacrificing the quality of the downtime experiences.

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Downtime activities in the United Kingdom



Sightseeing in London


Alton Towers

A visit to Alton Towers Theme Park


Wembley Stadium

Visit world famous sporting venues




Visits to historical sites