Travel Insurance for Group Sports Tours

We believe that safety and enjoyment are equally important when booking a tour with Sporta Tours. It is therefore a condition of booking with us that you have obtained adequate and valid specialist school group travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip. 

Sporta Tours have partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to create a bespoke school group travel insurance policy that covers against a variety of unforeseen risks. 

Cover includes cancellation and curtailment of the trip due to illness, injury or death; the cost of any repatriation to the beneficiary’s home country following a medical emergency. Additionally, cover for over 100 sports and activities are included as standard under this group policy and full details are available within the activity guide lists in the group policy documents. 

The group policy has been arranged for the benefit of persons travelling on a trip (the beneficiary / beneficiaries) with Sporta Tours (the group policyholder).

Key Features & Benefits

  • 24hr helpline for medical emergencies
  • Emergency medical expenses in the event of illness or injury 
  • Protection against cancellation or curtailment charges
  • Cover for loss or damage to baggage & personal money
  • A wide range of sports & activities covered, including winter sports

Key Eligibility Criteria & Exclusions

  • Not available to anyone aged 85 or over
  • No cover under cancellation or curtailment charges, emergency medical expenses or personal accident relating to any reason set out under ‘Important conditions relating to health’ – see group policy wording and endorsements that may be applicable to the policy
  • No cover where the FCO or World Health Organisation has advised against travel
  • No cover where travel is not departing from & returning to your home country 
  • Claims may subject to an excess, depending on the cover section of the policy
  • No cover in connection with a medical epidemic or pandemic, except claims under Section 2 – Emergency Medical & other expenses, see: Frequently Asked Questions – Sporta Tours.

Sporta Tours Policy

For a summary of the maximum amounts payable under each cover section, please click here: Sporta Tours Travel Insurance Policy Amounts.

Please note, the group policy is subject to terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Please refer to the group policy wording and the statement of insurance for full details of the cover available.

Sporta & Activities Covered

Please refer to the general exclusions in the group policy wording with reference to participation in or practice of sports and activities.

No cover under section 6 – Personal liability for pursuit of any business, trade, profession or occupation.

There is a full list of sports and activities covered under this policy in the group policy wording. The following list details the sports and activities that this group policy will cover in addition to those listed in the group policy wording.

Supplementary sports & activities:

  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Athletics 
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Rugby

A full copy of the insurance policy and statement of insurance document can be viewed in the below links. It is important you read the insurance policy prior to completing your booking so you are fully aware of the levels of cover provided and are confident that the policy will meet your needs. 

Important Conditions Relating to Health 

Any beneficiary of the Endsleigh travel insurance policy, who is under 18 years of age, who are UK residents and travelling to countries in Europe only, will be exempt from the Important Conditions Relating to Health detailed in the group policy and any pre-existing health conditions will be automatically covered. 

If you are not eligible for the above, please view the Pre Existing Medical Conditions Guide to establish the Important Conditions Related to Health. General conditions and general exclusions apply to the whole of the group policy and all levels of cover. 

Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

We highly recommend that all travellers obtain a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) if travelling to countries in Europe. The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) allows British nationals access to statutory healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.

It is important to note that the GHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance. The GHIC may not cover the cost of all medical treatment or repatriation, whereas the Endsleigh travel insurance policy will cover extended costs under Section 2 – Emergency medical and other expenses.

For more information about the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), you can visit the website here: Apply for a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) – GOV.UK (

Alternative Travel Insurance Providers

Should you decide to make your own travel insurance arrangements, please note adequate and valid travel insurance is a requirement for all those travelling with Sporta Tours. It is a condition of completing your booking with us that you agree to obtain adequate travel insurance (which includes bespoke features specific the activities you will participate in whilst on your tour).

If you have any questions about the travel insurance we have designed for you through Endsleigh, please contact your Sporta Sales Representative or email

Insurance will be included for your group automatically – Please note that as soon as your full first deposits have been paid and received for every member of the group, your policy will then become effective immediately.

Please find below the full suite of the Endsleigh travel insurance policy documentation that will be applicable to all beneficiaries of each school group: 

For the Sporta Tours Policy:

Additional Useful Information: