Racquet Tours

Tennis and squash tours by Sporta Tours across Europe and further afield offer top-level coaching with personalised training for every student. 

On-court coaching, training and fitness sessions combine with matches and performance analysis to provide well-structured, tailored itineraries. Furthermore, every Sporta technical programme is delivered by qualified, ex-professional players and coaches.

Off-court there is also scope to incorporate workshops on topics such as fitness and nutrition. Content is carefully developed to meet every group’s objectives and factors such as age.

Racquet sports tours with Sporta can take you to range of destinations. Favourites for tennis include Valencia in Spain where we partner with a leading performance-focused centre. For squash, we concentrate on Palencia and Barcelona, along with Belgium.

John Hampden Grammar School, who chose Sporta Tours for their squash tour, commented “The coaching was exceptional. First class camp.”

As with all our tours, we offer flexibility on duration and provide recommendations on the right destination according to the specific requirements and objectives of your group.

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Racquets Map

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