Pradeesh and Emma have helped host clients of Sporta on overseas sports tours for several years. Now based in the UK, they have joined the team to work across sales and operations and bring the benefit of their respective knowledge and experience. 

Pradeesh’s love of travel has taken him across the world, having worked in travel and tourism for over 25 years. He is also an accomplished cricketer and has coached for the London School of Cricket for many years. He is proud to have played a part in developing some outstanding players who have represented various County squads.

Emma’s career has always combined travel and sport. After several years in South Africa, she returned to the UK and worked at Ascot United Football Club where she became Operations Manager. In 2016 she relocated to Dubai with her family. With teenage children in the Dubai English Speaking School and involvement in corporate team building events, she has extensive knowledge of the region’s school and sports network. She is looking forward to delivering tours here with us. 

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