Nepal football tours

Football is Nepal’s most popular sport, which is governed by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA). It is responsible for the national team as well as club competitions.

Nepal has over 22 professional clubs and the ANFA run tournaments at many age group levels. At senior level, there are four divisions, with the Nepal National League being the equivalent of the English Premiership. 

Highlights of a Football tour to Nepal include…

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nepal_downtimelink_boxThe benefits of Nepal as a tour destination include…

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Sample itinerary

All of our tours are tailor-made to meet the requirements of each school and club but to give you an idea of how a football tour to Nepal could look here’s a sample itinerary…

Day 1 – 

Day 2 – 

Day 3 – 

Day 4

Day 5 – 

Day 6 – 

Day 7 – 

Day 8 – 

Day 9 –