Sporta Tours and Sussex County Cricket Club are set to host their ninth annual U13 Cricket Festival next week, hosted this year at Ardingly College and Blackstone Academy Ground.
The festival provides county and academy U13 teams with a competitive and week-long tournament to improve their skills. A key factor of the tournament is the involvement of teams from overseas, and given Sporta Tours’s connections in the UAE, where we are the market leaders in sports tours, two teams from the UAE will again compete this year. 
Another key factor of the tournament is that the competing teams stay throughout the week in accommodation at Ardingly College, giving them the experience of being away from home and with their teammates and coaches.
There are eight teams competing for a place in the final on Thursday 13th. Each game is 40-overs with every team playing four matches.
This year’s competitors include last year’s champions Buckinghamshire CCC, the Abu Dhabi Cricket Club’s academy side, Zayed Academy, and last year’s runners up, Dorset CCC. Previous years have also featured the ICC Academy Warriors from the UAE, The Netherlands, Guernsey and Jersey:
Group AGroup B
G-Force Academy, UAEBuckinghamshire CCC
Hertfordshire CCCDorset CCC
Oxfordshire CCCSkillz Scorpionz Academy
Sussex CCCZayed Academy, UAE

The 40 over tournament will run from Monday 10th to Thursday 13th, with T20 games being played on Friday 14th, before the teams leave for home.  For updates throughout the week, please follow @SportArabia on Twitter.

If you are interested in entering your U13 county side or academy for 2016’s event, please contact us.

Full Schedule:


Mon 10th Aug 2015

Group Match 1

Day 2


11.00: G-Force          v          Herts              Pitch 1

11.00: Bucks             v          Skillz               Pitch 2

11.00: Dorset            v          Zayed             Pitch 3



11.00: Sussex           v          Oxfordshire    



Tue 11th Aug 2015

Group Match 2

Day 3


11.00: Bucks             v          Dorset             Pitch 1

11.00: G-Force          v          Oxfordshire    Pitch 2

11.00: Zayed             v          Skillz               Pitch 3



11.00: Sussex           v          Herts



Wed 12th Aug 2015

Group Match 3

Day 4



11.00: Dorset            v          Skillz               Pitch 1

11.00: Bucks             v          Zayed             Pitch 2

11.00: Herts              v          Oxfordshire     Pitch 3



11.00: Sussex           v          G-Force



Thurs 13th Aug 2015

Finals Day

Day 5


11.00: A1 v B1              Pitch 1        

11.00: A2 v B2              Pitch 2

11.00: A4 v B4              Pitch 3



11.00: A3 v B3