Inspection trips

Sport inspection trips are a real bonus for tour managers.

You can visit your intended destination and see the facilities and accommodation firsthand before you commit. We can also introduce you to some of the host schools and clubs you will play against.

We’re lining up some fantastic inspection trips for 2018 to destinations such as the UAE, USA, Sri Lanka and Spain.  They are generally scheduled to coincide with the Easter and mid-term breaks and we offer flexibility to arrange a trip according to your diary.

Above all, inspection trips enable you to make an informed decision before booking. You get to see us in action as they often coincide with tours, and you can find out more about the service we provide.

The trips also provide an ideal opportunity to complete pre-tour risk assessment forms – alternatively we can provide you with all the information you need.

We’ll Refund the Cost

If you book with us within two years we deduct the discount cost of the trip from your tour in full.

To find out more about Sporta Tours inspection trips please call our team on 0845 835 8535 or email us at