Sporta is a season sponsor of the Hearts + Balls rugby charity. Set up in 1999, it provides support for players and their families who have been impacted by catastrophic injury, bereavement or serious illness. The charity provides direct financial help or advice and advocacy to identify and access funds from other sources. Over the years, Hearts +  Balls has also developed expertise on issues such as the sourcing and operation of specialised equipment and counselling for players and families.
“Here at HBMB7s we are thrilled to continue working with Sporta in a closer partnership. Especially after experiencing first hand the top tier service they’ve provided in previous seasons.”
Michael Craigs, Director of Sporta Tours added, “We’re delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile charity, one that gives back to the sporting community, which of course is the foundation of Sporta. We look forward to assisting HBMB7s with their future tours following a successful Dubai tour in 2021.