A new breed of sports tour is emerging. For schools seeking to meet the needs of students who aren’t served by traditional team sports, there’s an array of individual sports that work alone or combine brilliantly for group travel.

From cycling to athletics, golf, swimming and tennis, they offer experiences for students at all ability levels – both competitive and recreational. For schools, they represent an opportunity to be more inclusive and develop a rounded and diverse programme of tours and sports provision.  

If, as a school, you’re exploring wider options in the UK or overseas, we’re a cycling and multi sport travel specialist and we can help. Email Sam to chat through your ideas.

We have also set out some of the key considerations to help shape your thinking.

  1. What time of year do you want to go?

Are you looking for a mid-term tour option, some winter sunshine or late summer warmth? 

  1. Where do you want to go?

Somewhere quiet or are you looking for a location with more to offer in terms of excursions and additional downtime activities? Are the mountains calling you or would you prefer a coastal location for bike and beachsports perhaps? Where you go is slightly dependent on when you want to go and we can advise on the best places to travel to at different times of year.

  1. How many are in your group?

This helps us establish the best accommodation options for your tour, secure booking discounts and it informs some of the logistical considerations, such as transport for transfers.

  1. What are the aims of the trip?

A cycling tour to train and develop emerging talent, an itinerary for road bikes, MTB and / or gravel bike? Or are you seeking a broader tour incorporating the + element with additional sports, time to take in an internationally renowned sportive or a pro event perhaps?  

  1. What is your budget?

We can help plan a trip that fits the requirements of the group and always try to give a fair price and one or two free places for larger groups.

  1. How do you want to travel?

Whilst many overseas cycling tours require flights to ensure maximum time in destination, there is growing interest in non-flight options, such as France and Belgium, for more sustainable trips. 

  1. What are the local Covid regulations?

We advise on local Covid regulations and take you through what will be needed at the airport and when out and about in resort.

  1. What financial protection comes with my booking?

Sports Bike+ is a division of the Sporta Group and as such we are able to package overseas cycling and multi sport tours and provide financial security through ATOL and ABTA. Furthermore, our Covid Policy in tandem with STF Travel Sure insurance provides comprehensive cover and peace of mind.

We are currently working with schools and groups to develop itineraries up to and including Summer 2023. Click here to contact us to discuss your tour plans. 

Happy Riding!