Sport Tours to Barbados

Barbados is a tropical paradise, and offers a blend of West African & Caribbean culture mixed with British heritage. It’s a great sports tour destination for schools, professional clubs, academies, and colleges alike, as shown by the long association it has had with touring.

There are loads of activities to take part in, including watching professional matches, various water sports, beach time, island safaris, and catamaran cruises, as well as cultural and historic visits to forts, museums and more.

Perfect weather opens the door to all-round touring, and there is no shortage of opposition to play.

The benefits of sports tours to Barbados include….

  • Excellent training climate. 3000 hours of sunshine per year
  • Wealth of opposition
  • Wide variety of hotel, apartment and resort accommodation available
  • Fantastic beaches and downtime activities
  • Secure and safe resorts for school parties

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Downtime activities in Barbados



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