We’re proud to be official logistics partner once again for the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024. Working closely with all five English County teams, Sporta will be managing their end-to-end travel and tour arrangements.

The T20 Super Counties Cup will see Essex CCC, Nottinghamshire CCC, Somerset CCC, Warwickshire CCC, Yorkshire CCC and Team Abu Dhabi begin their pre-season preparations.

Matches will be held on the Tolerance Oval and live streamed via the Abu Dhabi Cricket & Sports Hub You Tube channel.

Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 Fixtures

  • Friday 15 March: 6:15am (GMT) Somerset CCC vs Warwickshire CCC
  • Friday 15 March: 10:15am (GMT) Essex CCC vs Nottinghamshire CCC
  • Friday 15 March: 2:15pm (GMT) Warwickshire CCC vs Team Abu Dhabi
  • Saturday 16 March: 6:15am (GMT) Nottinghamshire CCC vs Somerset CCC
  • Saturday 16 March: 10:15am (GMT) Yorkshire CCC vs Warwickshire CCC
  • Saturday 16 March: 2:15pm (GMT) Team Abu Dhabi vs Essex CCC
  • Sunday 17th March: 6:15am (GMT) 5th Place vs 6th Place
  • Sunday 17th March: 10:15am (GMT) 3rd Place vs 4th Place
  • Sunday 17th March: 2:15pm (GMT) GRAND FINAL

According to Matthew Jackson, Director of Sporta, “We’re looking forward to the fixtures and watching the teams compete for the title this year. Behind the scenes, we’ll also be working extremely hard to ensure the arrangements we have in place run seamlessly so that the teams can focus solely on their training and matches.

“Our longstanding relationships in Abu Dhabi are incredibly important. No other operator has a track record spanning nearly 20 years bringing the number of international and UK teams, clubs and schools to the region and working at the level we do.”

Sporta was also the logistics partner for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Women’s T20 held in February. At the end of the month, we will go on to manage the Abu Dhabi World Schools’ Cricket Cup, formerly ARCH. The tournament was established in 2006 and has grown to become the largest international cricket tournament for schools and academies globally.   

Entries are currently being invited for the 2025 tournament. Contact us to find out more about our package for next year.